What is Vietnam Black Garlic?

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Vietnam Black Garlic, although newly developed has gained a firm foothold in the Vietnamese market. The following article will provide readers detailed information about what black garlic is and why many people like to use it

1. What is black garlic?

Regular garlic has been dear and near to Vietnamese people since ancient times. Although regular garlic has many benefits, it also has an unpleasant odor, making it difficult for people to consume regularly. Recently, a new type of garlic called “black garlic” has emerged and been gaining its place in the market

Black garlic is fresh garlic which is fermented for about 45-60 days in strictly controlled humidity and temperature. The process exquisitely turns pungent and spicy fresh garlic into a new type of garlic which is black in color, sweet, slightly sour, with a chewy texture similar to dried fruit. Vietnam Black Garlic will definitely satisfy even customers who don’t usually like the taste of fresh garlic.

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Black garlic is now a popular food in Vietnam

Since 2004, Korean scientists have successfully developed technology to turn fresh garlic into black garlic. Recently, black garlic has quickly become a very popular and highly valued remedy in Korea, Japan, as well as Western countries.

2. What are the benefits of Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic?

Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic has superior nutritional and biological values. It provides balanced contents of carbohydrates, lipids,proteins and 18 essential amino acids that are easily absorbed by the body. Compared to fresh garlic, Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic has a significant higher level of antioxidants such as: polyphenol and S-allyl-L-cysteine which are crucial in preventing diseases. Health benefits from Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic include all but not limited to the following:

Providing a rich source of S-allyl-L-cysteine to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood

Delivering a rich source of SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) enzyme and polyphenols to prevent cancer

Improving skin health

Protecting against radiation exposure

Reducing nicotine toxicity in the body

Protecting the liver

Preventing respiratory problems

Lowering blood sugar levels

Boosting the immune system

Who can consume Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic?

Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic is a rich and diverse functional food which is essential for everyone.

The following type of people can consume Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Seniors who need immunity boost.
  • Young adults who need to strengthen the body and prevent aging.
  • People with chronic fatigue.
  • People with diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • People with stressful lifestyle.
  • People who frequently consume large amount of alcohol.
  • People with low blood pressure, high blood pressure, cholesterol, high blood lipid.
  • People frequently exposed to toxic environment and free radicals.
  • People with fatty liver, hepatitis or other liver problems.
  • People who want to prevent and treat constipation, hepatitis, skin disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, adult diseases..
  • People with high blood fat, obesity, high blood pressure or people at risk of strokes, cardiovascular, and diabetes..

However, people with the following conditions should seek doctor’s advice before using Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic:

  • People with diarrhea
  • People with kidney disease
  • People with eye diseases

Proper usage of Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic

Tỏi đen

Linh Dan Vietnam Black garlic is relatively simple to use and suitable for almost everyone

For adults and children over 12 years of age, it is recommended to consume Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic 5-10 minutes before or after eating. It should not be consumed on an empty stomach due to its strong medicinal properties. It is best to consume 10 minutes before meals.

Dosage: 2-3 bulbs a day, or 3-4 bulbs a day to support treatments of diseases. Children over 2 years old can consume about 1 black garlic bulb a day, when cut it into small pieces. Note that the elderly should only consume 1-2 cloves of black garlic a day.

In addition, Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic can be incorporated into cooking such as: in making sauces, black garlic cake, black garlic yogurt, or to make Vietnamese caramelized sauce. Some people soak black garlic with wine, or even make black garlic tea. However, the simplest way to use black garlic is to eat the whole bulbs and cloves of black garlic directly as mentioned above.

Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic

You can learn all about Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic at the FNC website. Founded in 2010, with over 6 years in operation and continuous striving for improvements, FNC has proven its strength and brand reputation in the field of food and nutritional research both domestically and overseas. Especially its Linh Dan Black Garlic brand has always been known and trusted by consumers. Its noble given name, as well as its high consumers' demand are great examples of this. .

Unlike other black garlic products, Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic is developed by the FNC and customized to suit Vietnamese physical conditions. Input materials are always carefully selected and of the best quality.

Tỏi đen

After being carefully selected, Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic undergoes rigorous production processes which follow strict food hygiene and safety standards.

Because of this, Linh Dan Vietnam Black Garlic final products are high in nutritional values which include 18 types of essential amino acids, lipids, proteins, etc... helping to improve health and prevent many diseases.

The purpose of all of this hard work is only to protect and improve our consumers' health. In return, the invaluable gifts that our consumers bring to us are: credibility, trust and abundant health..

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